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American Dog Rescue
Donates $10,000.00
Arthur E. Benjamin, Founder & President of American Dog Rescue,
supports Olive's Way endorsement and donation

I first met Lisa Posin at a Starbucks for just a cup of coffee to share what little I knew of dog charities. Little did I know that Olive was to become one of my mentors...

That was the beginning of the past several years with Harry & Lisa and little Olive, one of the bravest, most loving dogs I have ever met and known.  It seems to me Olive came to us all to lead the way to a solution to cancer in dogs, hence Olive's Way. And she would tell you were she able to, that it’s a first step to solving mankind's problems with cancer as well. You see Olive embodied the divine secret of why Dog is God spelled backwards, unconditional love and support.  Even as Olive battled cancer, her concern was Lisa and Harry's well being; she rarely showed her pain or suffering and always had a lick for them and warmth for their home and hearts. Olive was indeed special even amongst the most special of animals, dogs.

You can make a difference for dogs and for mankind in the search for the cure for cancer by donating to Olive's Way as American Dog Rescue and I have done.  You can give generously, beyond your comfort zone as they give freely to us. The University of Florida Veterinary College is leading the way and Olive's Way is a beacon out of our darkness and into the light!

Arthur E. Benjamin
Founder & President, American Dog Rescue
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