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Olive’s Way wants to bring hope to pets with cancer.
Olive's Way
works with UF Small Animal Hospital to offer medical and surgical care for dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets.
Sophisticated diagnostic imaging capabilities, modern surgical suites, an intensive care unit and a spectrum of cutting edge technologies
assist our clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and complex diseases in your pet. The UF veterinarians are among
the best in the world, and most importantly, they hold your pet’s well-being as their top priority. Join our crusade today

Dr Nick Bacon, Chief of Oncology at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr Bacon is the Imparato Endowed-term Professor in Surgical Oncology and the Director of Olive’s Way.

Meet Olive's mom, Lisa Posin, as she talks about Olive and why she and her husband Harry created Olive's Way, along with clips of Dr. Nicholas Bacon touring the new hospital, on an episode of 
For the Love of Dogs! Click link below

Tour the new hospital with Olive's Way Director
 and Chief of Oncology, Dr. Nick Bacon
Oncology Service at the College of Veterinary Medicine
The oncology service at the College of Veterinary Medicine. has grown from a single clinician in 2002 to the largest training center for veterinary oncologists in the South-East United States. The University of Florida is one of only two centers in the world to train veterinarians in cancer surgery in a post-residency program. Olive’s Way has helped make this possible.

Dr Christine Fahey
trained at Cornell University, in 2009 she received the first Olive’s Way Oncology Internship. The following year she was supported by the Fund to embark on a residency in Medical Oncology. In 2012 she became Chief Resident in Oncology at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. 
Through Dr Fahey, Olive’s Way is realizing one of it’s founding aims - improving the care to save the lives of animals with cancer, through education, training and research.
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